Getting A permit

In order to use a bowling arm in any Bowls Australia or Bowls SA event you are required to have a permit!
Gettinga permit is not difficult.
If you have knee, hip, back or other problems that prevent you from getting down to deliver a bowl properly
then you are entitled to use a bowling arm but you must go through the following process:

1. First you must get a doctor's certificate.
This is simply a note from your doctor on his notepaper saying that you should use a bowling arm.
The following words are an example; "John Smith has physical problems that interfere with his bowling.
I recommend that he use a bowling arm."

2. Then you take your doctor's certificate to the Secretary of your Bowls Club and tell him/her that you want
to get a permit for a bowling arm.
The Secretary then fills out a standard " Use of Bowling Arm Request Form" that he then signs.
This Form can be found on the 'Forms' page of in this website

3. You then take/send the above form together with the doctor's certificate to Bowls SA.

4. You should get your permit in about a week.