Getting Help
There are lots of different bowling styles but there are 3 basics that you have to master no matter what.

You need to release the bowl at the right time when your swing is at its lowest point so that the bowl flows smoothly out onto the green in line with the swing. It is essential to master this before you worry about anything else. Some people will find that it comes naturally to them straight away. Others will have to practise it for several days before they develop that natural rhythm. Just keep delivering bowls over and over again until you find that you are getting it right. Once you have developed that rhythm you should never have to think about it again. It will just come naturally to you. Practise without a jack and do not worry about your line or length. Just concentrate on getting your bowl away smoothly.

You will be relieved to know that a bowling arm makes it easy to get your line right. Before you deliver the bowl take 3 or 4 practice swings making sure that those swings are exactly along your line. On the final swing you should keep the exact same line and when you let the bowl go it should run out on that line. Practice without a jack so that you are not thinking about weight. Soon it will become natural for you. No more wildly off line bowls! Thank God!

Getting your weight right is not going to happen overnight. You can no longer feel the bowl in your hand or on your fingertips. Your mind has to learn a new skill; the relationship between the feel of the swing and the distance you want to bowl. To get this you just have to keep practicing. You will be better in a week, good in a month and will keep improving over time.