Buying an Arm

Getting a permit
There are 3 different brands of bowling arms and each of those brands comes with different sizes and different ways of releasing the bowl.
The worst thing you can do is just go and buy an arm without trying the different types and sizes, only to discover that it doesn't suit you.

On the first Monday of every month (except January and October) a Bowling Arm Day is held at the Tranmere Bowling Club in Adelaide.
The participants have a wide range of arms between them.
The best thing you can do is come along and try the different types and sizes and get some basic coaching.
Then you can go and buy the right arm for you.

People keep asking me what is the best arm to buy. Unfortunately there is no answer to that because different people like different arms.
The best bowling arm player in NSW (in my opinion) uses a DHB arm.
The best player in Victoria uses a Bionic Bowler.
The best player in S.A. uses an original Drakes Pride "The bowling Arm".
All have clearly become very good players using their different arms.
It is simply what you are the most comfortable with.

Bowling arms approved by Bowls Australia and where to buy them can be found at this "site"

The bionic arm

The Bowling Arm

The DBH Arm
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